Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Q Train Is the Dirtiest Line in NYC, and Other Subway Findings

Photo : MShades, Flickr
The NYPIRG ha issued its State of the Subways Report Card 2014, and here are a few of the findings:

* The best subway line in the city is the 7.

* The 2 performed the worst.

* The C and J/Z are the cleanest subway lines.

* The dirtiest line — the Q — was rated four times dirtier than the C..

See full "State of the Subways" here.

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NYPD Investigates Anti-Muslim Leaflets in Brooklyn
The Police Department’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating another disgraceful anti-Muslim incident in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Eagle and NY1 report that anti-Islamic fliers -- reading "Islamists go to your country. USA hates you. You are terrorists and bastards. You are the second Holocaust,” were left in a Bensonhurst apartment complex on July 26.

This comes after similar incidents in Bay Ridge and Sheepshead Bay last week.

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Man Shot at the Farragut Housing Projects Early Thursday: Vinegar Hill / Navy Yard, Brooklyn

Courtesy Google Maps, 2014
 From the scanner:

Dispatcher reported at 1:40 a.m. early Thursday morning that a man was shot at the Farragut Housing Project at 192 Sand Street between Gold and Navy streets in the Vinegar Hill / Navy Yard section of Brooklyn.

A Level 1 Mobilization was declared.

No further information.

A number of other unconfirmed reports of gunshots came in over the scanner around the same time early Thursday morning. These include:

* At Albany and Fulton Streets
* Marcy and Lexington
* 410 Marcus Garvey (nothing found)

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13-Year-Old Boy Missing Wednesday Night in East New York, Brooklyn

Myro Jenkins was headed to M.S. 218. Photo: Google Maps 2014

A 13-year-old boy named Myro Jenkins went missing somewhere around 313 Montauk between Sutter and Blake avenues in East New York, Brooklyn Wednesday afternoon.

He has been missing for 10 hours (as of midnight late Wednesday).

Myro was going to play basketball at Junior H.S. 218, and hasn't been seen since.

He's black, 5'4", slim build, wearing black shirt, black pants and black sneakers.

Please keep on the lookout for him.

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Dog Either Fell or Was Thrown from the BQE in Greenpoint

He might have fallen -- but some witnesses think a dog was thrown off the BQE in Greenpoint.

CBS reports that the poor thing had trouble breathing after he landed, and was bleeding from the mouth.

"Meeker" was brought to Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group in Cobble Hill by a witness.

The dog is listed in stable condition. They are looking for a good home for the sweet-looking thing.

(Photos at CBS.)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Something Else White and Illegal on the Brooklyn Bridge (But Not a Flag)

Photo by MK Metz, McBrooklyn
A man on the Brooklyn Bridge was allowing tourists to take photos with his beautiful white python wrapped around their shoulders (for a few bucks).

Pythons like these are fed mice or rats if kept as pets, and curl into a ball if they get scared.

This python seemed cool about being handled by strangers. This tourist was pretty cool, too.

The python's owner was nervous about being caught by the cops, however -- probably because he had no license to vend his snake on the bridge.

In the meantime, cops are still looking for the pranksters who took the American flags off the towers of the bridge and replaced them with white ones.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

They Meeowed at Cat-Kicker in Court, and Other Brooklyn Briefs

“Painted Phone” by Mark Handforth at Governors Island. Photo-MK-Metz

- Murder verdict overturned because his mom couldn't find a seat in crowded Brooklyn courtroom. [NY Post]

- Meanwhile, angry spectators meeowed at cat-kicking perp in Brooklyn court. [Daily News]

- Former Brooklyn cop reportedly assisted drug dealers in New Hampshire. [Union Leader]

- NYC will spend $100 million to make Sunset Park trendy. [Gothamist]

- This is why public housing buildings are falling apart. [WNYC]

- The Bard appears outside a bar in Park Slope. [Brooklyn Eagle

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Brooklyn Bridge White Flag Prank: Will NYC Ban Aluminum Lasagna Pans?

By Jeffryww, flickr
 When they came for the pressure cookers, I said nothing, for I was not an Irish grandmother.

When they came for the rice cookers, I said nothing, for I was not a Chinese grandmother.

The lights illuminating the flagpoles on the Brooklyn Bridge were covered with aluminum lasagna pans as part of the white flag debacle last week.

It's only a matter of time before they come for the lasagna pans.

Then there will be no grandmothers left.

Remember: When aluminum lasagna pans are outlawed, only outlaws will eat lasagna.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

La Guelaguetza Festival New York in Brooklyn's Cadman Plaza Park

Photos by MK Metz, McBrooklyn
 Music from the Oaxaca region of Mexico rang out over Cadman Plaza Park in Downtown Brooklyn on Sunday, for La Guelaguetza Festival New York sponsored by the Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Nueva York (BFMNY).

Dancers thrilled the crowd with performances reflecting the traditions of the different Oaxacan states.

The music was uplifting, the clothing gorgeous and the mood generous. Love, sharing, and pride in the crafts of the area were themes.

Photos by MK Metz, McBrooklyn

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cops Chase Hundreds of Motorcycles on Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn on Sunday

From the scanner:

It was wild on the streets in Brooklyn around 6 p.m. Sunday, when cops chased hundreds of motorcycles -- "driving dangerously, popping Willies" and "driving in the wrong direction," according to a police dispatcher.

The first alert went out at 6 p.m., where someone called the cops to report "200 ATVs headed towards Atlantic Avenue."

The responding officer replied, "Did you say 200?"

"That's what I got," dispatcher said.

At 6:11 p.m., NYPD dispatcher put out another alert. "Over 100 bikes, westbound on Atlantic Avenue, popping Willies."

At 6:17 p.m., cops were told riders were "going in the wrong direction" on Atlantic.

Nothing more.

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