Friday, December 19, 2014

De Blasio Looking at Mass Protester Arrests; JFK PlayStation Guy; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- De Blasio fights for the right to mass arrest peaceful protesters. [Gothamist]

- Parade will bring Appalachian dancing to Flatbush Avenue. [Brooklyn Paper]

- More details about the Brooklyn man who tried to sneak a .22 semi-automatic through JFK security, hidden inside a PlayStation 2. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Closing school or staying open for the Lunar New Year will soon be in the hands of city officials. [NY1]

- Security at marijuana facilities would be extreme, under NYS's proposed medical marijuana regulations. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- In case you missed it, here's the video capturing the assault of the two police officers on the Brooklyn Bridge. [YouTube]

- Stevie Wonder just had his 9th child. [NY Daily News]

- 10 memorable moments from 'The Colbert Report.' [WSJ]

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Waiting For Brooklyn's Alamo Drafthouse....

Sony has canceled 'The Interview' because of terror threats, presumably from North Korea. So Alamo Drafthouse has decided to run ‘Team America’ in its place, reports Geeks of Doom.

Brooklyn will be missing out on this amusing movie, as we don't yet have an Alamo Drafthouse -- the movie theater where patrons have food and drinks delivered to their seats.

The closest one is in Yonkers, which Alamo calls (via its Twitter handle) AlamoNYC, which is just so wrong.

Brooklyn will soon be getting an Alamo Drafthouse, however, at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn at the Fulton Mall.

It's slated to open sometime in 2015. Just when in 2015 is still a question. Alamo has been maintaining radio silence on that for more than a year. (We'll let you know if they get back to us.)

If you've never eaten at one, here's how the food and drinks thing works: In front of the theater seats there's a long, narrow table that runs the length of the row. Patrons check off choices on a menu, then stand it up in the clip at the front of the table.

According to the Alamo website, "That paper then acts like a flag to get your waiter's attention. He'll then crouch down past everyone else and grab your order with the speed and agility of a trained ninja."

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Political Tidbits: NY's 'Dumbest Pol,' CB Term Limits, Cuomo and More

- State Senator Simcha Felder is called "New York's dumbest pol" by the Albany Project after suggesting that the recent hike in high profile crimes in Brooklyn is due to local police officers being sent to handle Eric Garner protests in Manhattan. Felder wants Cuomo to send in the National Guard to handle the protestors . . .

- The New York City Council will  see a bill on term limits introduced -- this time for community boards, says Gotham Gazette. Members would be limited to two 6-year terms. Council Member Dromm told GG: "I applaud those people who spend 30 or 40 years on a community board, and I thank them for service. But I do think we need to move things around."

- New York City public schools can no longer call 911 and send disruptive students to emergency rooms, reports WNYC. It turns out roughly 3,000 NYC kids a year -- with no medical emergencies -- are sent to the ER by teachers who can't deal with them.

- What's New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo doing for the holidays this year? He's busting a union that endorsed his primary challenger, Zephyr Teachout. Daily Kos says this union-busting move is pretty bold, even for Cuomo.

- New York taxpayers are on track to spend over $1 million to help state lawmakers keep details of their outside jobs secret, reports Capital NY.

- Russia is so screwed, says Slate. And maybe Obama's sanctions have something to do with it, says Politico.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Proposed Bill Might Prevent Hospital Disaters Like LICH from Happening Quite So Easily

Photo: MK Metz
A group of officials from Brooklyn and New York City are sponsoring a bill that would give residents a say when the state tries to close a hospital and sell its real estate to politically-connected developers, it was announced Tuesday.

The bill is called the Local Input in Community Healthcare (LICH) Act, in honor of the now-closed Long Island College Hospital (LICH), currently being sold by SUNY to Fortis Property Group for residential development.

To prevent another disgusting debacle like LICH, the bill would require local input and a community needs assessment before a hospital is closed.

Key figures in the bill are state Sen. Daniel Squadron, Assemblymember-elect Jo Anne Simon and Comptroller Scott Stringer.
They deserve a round of applause for trying to do something honest in the face of truly staggering state corruption.

Full story at the Brooklyn Eagle:
Officials announce LICH bill to give community a voice in hospital closures

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You Can Order Stuff from Brooklyn Stores on eBay and Get 'Local Valet Delivery'

 Pressed for time? There's a new thing on eBay - for $5 you can order stuff from 80 Brooklyn stores and have it "hand-delivered by a local valet" at a time you choose.

Or you can save on shipping and just pick it up.

This includes stores from Prune Danish to Best Buy, according to eBay. You could order a simple pack of paper towels or an entire computer set up.

We haven't used this service yet -- this is not an endorsement! -- but as Christmas approaches it occurs to us it might be handy.

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Historic St. Francis Manuscripts Coming to Brooklyn Borough Hall Dec. 17

Historic 12th and 13th century manuscripts relating to St. Francis of Assisi are going on display starting Dec. 17 at Brooklyn Borough Hall, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

"Friar Francis: Traces, Words and Images,” is the biggest exhibition ever to be held at Borough Hall.

Joe Chirico of Marco Polo Ristorante played a big role in bringing the exhibition.

“I went to Assisi, I saw the exhibition there, I saw the church where St. Francis is buried. My eyes cannot believe what I saw,” Chirico told the Eagle.

Historic exhibition of St. Francis of Assisi manuscripts coming to Brooklyn Borough Hall [Brooklyn Eagle]

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Odd Judges, Grandmas... and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Brooklyn judge clears man of firing into crowd — despite testimony from 4 cops. [Daily News]

- Nurses at NY Methodist Hospital say the Park Slope hospital is understaffed. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Dress and fashion retailer Social Apparel will open its first Brooklyn location next spring in the Fulton Mall. [Commercial Observer]

- The Brooklyn Housing Court is finally officially moving to Brooklyn’s Municipal Building at 210 Joralemon Street. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- David Brooks: Elizabeth Warren has chance of being nominated. [Politico]

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Nativity Scene, at Brooklyn Borough Hall

Nativity. Photo by MK Metz
The Catholic Lawyers Guild of Brooklyn has installed its annual Nativity scene in Columbus Park at Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza.

The lawyers dedicated the scene with a blessing by Guild Moderator, Rev. Msgr. Edward B. Scharfenberger and the singing of traditional Christmas carols.

You don't have to be Catholic to find a sweetness about this annual scene.

OK, commenter, then how about: We're not Catholic but we think the whole thing (the sheep, the angels) is sweet.

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Brooklyn Borough Hall Tree Lighting to Feature Moment of Silence for Eric Garner Tonight

Photo: MK Metz
At 5 p.m. tonight (Dec. 15) Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams will celebrate the holiday season by lighting the Christmas tree in Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza.

Why is this year different than any other year?

After the lighting, he will darken the lights for a moment of silence over the death of Eric Garner and in peaceful solidarity with those calling for local and national criminal justice reform.

During the silence, a member of the Brooklyn United Marching Band will strike their drum eleven times to symbolize the eleven times Garner repeated, "I can't breathe," before he lost consciousness.

Borough President Adams will speak to the importance of pursuing non-violent protest, particularly in the wake of the assault of two NYPD lieutenants during a march last night on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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More on Millions March NYC . . . Gracie Mansion is Next...

Marchers at Union Square. Photos by MK Metz
 Thousands joined the Millions March NYC, which started in Manhattan at Washington Square Park and wound through Union Square on Saturday. By the time darkness fell, the crowd had swelled to between 25,000 to 30,000, according to various news reports.

Senior citizens march for the cause.
The amazing thing was the mixture of all ages and races.

As the evening wore on, some of the protesters stayed in Manhattan, while others streamed over the bridges into Brooklyn.

The mood was good -- until some a**hole got crazy on the Brooklyn Bridge and tried to throw a metal garbage can at police officers. When police went after him, a mini-riot erupted, which ended up with two cops on the ground getting kicked by some of the protesters. One cop's nose was broken.

Marchers coming off the Brooklyn Bridge walkway onto Tillary St.
Arrested for fomenting the melee was Eric Linsker, an adjunct English professor at Baruch College.

According to the University of Iowa Press, "Eric Linsker holds degrees from Harvard and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His poems have appeared in Boston Review, Chicago Review, Conjunctions, and Lana Turner. " He lives in Crown Heights.

According to CBS, Linsker's attorney called the charges bogus.

Police net at Tillary and Brooklyn Bridge Blvd.
After marchers exited the Brooklyn Bridge, a police net caused them to head up Tillary Street to Flatbush. All traffic ground to a halt while the street was filled with chanting protesters.

Protestors march right up Tillary to Flatbush. Photos by MK Metz
The group split up -- some marched along Atlantic, some on Smith Street -- and then recombined at Barclays Center for a couple of different die-ins.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, police estimated that 2,000 demonstrators participated in the largest one. Another group, estimated at 1,500 by police, held a die-in in the middle of Eastern Parkway near Nostrand.

What's next? Word is protesters are unhappy that Mayor de Blasio refuses to meet with a group of them -- so they're going to the Mayor... tonight.

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