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Monday, January 27, 2014

No Brooklyn Super Bowl Bus Stop; Citi Bikes' Designers Go Belly Up; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Brooklyn should have its own stop on the exclusive $50 "Fan Express Bus" going to the Super Bowl. [About]

- The company that designed Citi Bikes declares bankruptcy. [Queens Crap]

- Greenpoint residents could receive local toxic site map. [TRD]

- NYPD to keep close eye on Super Bowl fans. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Chuck Schumer proposes legislation to honor Avonte Oquendo. [NY Magazine]

- Retail changes on Flatbush and Fifth within walking distance of Barclays. [Atlantic Yards Report]

- Jay Z sued for $600 million over Brooklyn Nets trademark. [BoomBox]

- Grace Church Winterfair next Saturday. [BHB]

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Villiage Voice Has a Problem with D.A. Hynes; BP Markowitz's Swag; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- The Village Voice says Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes needs to be replaced. 

- Outgoing Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is going to auction off most of his office swag for charity.  NY Daily News 

- A 40-year-old man wielding scissors was shot in the chest by the police after he threatened a woman in a building across the street from City Tech H.S. NY Times

- An education commission appointed by Gov. Cuomo recommended the creation of statewide full-day pre-kindergarten. Brooklyn Eagle

- Overheard on Boomer and Carton's morning show: "Brooklyn is a joke." CBS Local

- MTA dismisses Koo’s proposal for subway station safety barriers.City & State

- The Three Kings will be riding live camels along Graham Avenue this Sunday in Williamsburg. Brooklyn Eagle 

- Stop everything and watch this video of a baby going for a ride on a Roomba. Gawker

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Now It's Called "The Brooklyn Malaise'

By In Pastel
"The Brooklyn Malaise" started out as the term for what is happening to the Nets: a month ago they were near the top of the world; today, according to Hangtime, they rank as "one of the three worst defensive teams in the month."

We like the term "The Brooklyn Malaise" so much we've decided to use it to describe a certain syndrome afflicting more and more of Brooklyn. You know what we're talking about:

People who live in Park Slope in an apartment that costs $300 a month because they have no bathroom and have to use chamber pots. This being Brooklyn, they don't use just any chamber pots. They use artisanal chamber pots.

They also give chamber pots as presents to their friends because they want to share the love. (Expect to find Brooklyn-branded chamber pots on sale everywhere within the next three months.)

That (parody or not) is The Brooklyn Malaise.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We Have to Get One of These Nets T-Shirts

A T-shirt company has put out two versions of the same Nets/Knicks T-shirt, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

The black shirt has the word “Love” inside the Brooklyn Nets logo; and the blue shirt bears the word “Hate” inside the Nets logo.

We know which one we're going to buy.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Giant Flashing Video Billboard for Barclays Center Parked in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photo by MK Metz
How nice! A giant, flashing video billboard for Barclays Center has been installed in Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Such a great use of a waterfront park! Because we all looove Barclays. And we looove American Express which will allow us to go to Barclays!

If you go around the back the giant, flashing video billboard you can make a "dance" or "rock out video" and get a chance to win tickets from American Express to Barclays! Which we looove.

Helloooo Brooklyn!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

What Happens If the Brooklyn Nets Are a Disappointment?

New stadium, new Brooklyn Nets team, and expectations are running high.

Joe Johnson told the NY Daily News, “I think we have a chance to win the whole thing this year. I’m not just saying it. I honestly believe it.”

“We’ve gotta be in the top 10, that’s one of the barometers for us defensively," coach Avery Johnson told ESPN.

But after all the hoopla, budget-busting PR campaigns, mobile basketball trucks and major palm-greasing  -- what happens if the Brooklyn Nets don't live up to expectations next season?

NBA lead writer Ethan Strauss says he eyes the Nets "as perhaps ranking among the most disappointing teams next year."

Sure, Deron Williams' was re-signed. But Williams has already played 67 games for the Nets, "and the results have not been especially inspiring," Strauss writes. The Nets have "an awful defense," and the backcourt of Johnson and Williams -- who should be fun to watch -- may not combine especially well.

Worst case scenario? Will Leitch writes for New York Magazine: "Look at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, or the Palace in Detroit, or Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, buildings constructed with the idea of Instant Urban Status that almost never reach full capacity, albatrosses, cursed by teams that can’t contend and ownerships that constantly shift hands. At one point, those buildings and their teams were the hot new item in town, with their own slick new logos and stadiums. Then a few years passed and the teams floundered and everyone moved on to the hot next thing or, worse, moved on to nothing at all.

"Because if you think there was public outcry when apartments were razed and homeowners were evicted for the building of this new arena," Leitch says, "wait until you see the uproar if Barclays Center isn’t a success."

- Brooklyn Nets Party at Borough Hall Quite a Scene

Photo by MK Metz

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Brooklyn Nets Dancers Final Audition: Teaser

Apparently, hundreds of women have been competing to be on the Brooklyn Nets Dance Team. The final audition will be held at the Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday, June 13 at 7 p.m. The above video is a frankly scary teaser for the event.

Now 27 spandex-clad finalists will be trying out. (Shown above, from Facebook.)

Where do these girls come from? Fifteen were on the old Nets dance team and will probably be rehired, according to the NY Daily News. Some are from other sports dance teams. Others were on their college sports dance teams. There was one guy but it doesn't sound like he made it.

It also doesn't sound like many (if any) are from Brooklyn. The Daily News quotes one, Tiana Hester, 21, a former dancer for the Golden State Warriors who flew in from the West Coast to try out.

“I would love to be in Brooklyn — even though I’m not from here, I would be able to represent.”

Lord help us all.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busing New Jersey Nets Fans through Brooklyn?

Ron Shiffman, a professor at the Pratt Institute’s Center for Planning and the Environment and treasurer for Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, is looking for ways to cope with the massive influx of traffic Barclay's Center is expected to generate.

According to The Brooklyn Ink, Shiffman suggests that "there should be ferries to take fans from New Jersey to the Brooklyn waterfront, then a shuttle or trolley to take them to the arena. This service is needed since the Nets are a New Jersey team, with a fan base in that state."

The maps above show two possible routes the shuttles could take through Brooklyn -- one from the ferry landing at Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, another from Red Hook. 

How many Nets fans will drive to Brooklyn from New Jersey, and how many would travel to Brooklyn if they could take a ferry?

John Brennan of the North Jersey blog interviewed Dan Lefton, vice president of suites sales and premium seating for the Barclays Center. According to Lefton:

"Some Nets officials sensibly have theorized that the Nets could draw a respectable Jersey crowd for Saturday and Sunday afternoon games, when the least amount of traffic would be expected. But automobile-riding suburbanites may find it difficult to find parking, so the best hope for a Jersey audience is from those willing to take a subway or two. Of course, those lines run less frequently on weekends. That means the Nets may find it challenging to come up with a way to attract Garden Staters."

Adding ferries and shuttles would certainly attract more Garden Staters. How many shuttles would be needed and what would the impact be on Atlantic Avenue and local Brooklyn streets before and after games?

According to Nets Daily, ferries may already in the works for the players:

"So in that first season in Brooklyn, how do the Nets get from New Jersey, where most of the players and coaches live, to Barclays Center? One possibility we hear: chartered ferries which would pick up players at a slip in New Jersey, possibly Jersey City, and then down the Hudson (past the ice floes?) and around the Battery to a slip in Brooklyn, where buses would whisk them to the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush."

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Father Finds Son Dead in Basement; Municipal Building Vote Coming Up; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- The Nets unveil the latest billboard reminding people that they'll be moving to Brooklyn. NY Magazine 

- You're not dreaming -- It's Christmas in April on Smith Street. PMFA  

- Judge sentences racist Brooklyn woman to jury duty for life. NY Daily News

- The Brooklyn Blogfest website is up and running. OTBKB 

- Father finds son and another man shot to death in Brooklyn basement.  NY Times

- Foxy Brown's attorney sued for alleged "masturbation attack." Brooklyn Eagle

- Lefferts Historic House is seeking volunteers to maintain fires and “prepare foods using traditional tools and methods.” Brokelyn 

- CB2 is voting on April 13 to convert part of the Brooklyn Municipal Building to retail. Brooklyn Eagle

- Reginella calls it quits on Atlantic Avenue.  Brownstoner 

- E-mails show that U.S. regulators privately doubt some nuclear power plants are  ready for a disaster. Huff Post 

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